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The royal Academy of Medical Physical and Natural Sciences of Havana was  officially established by the Spanish Crown through a document issued in Madrid in November 6th, 1860. Its inauguration took place a year after on May 14th, 1861. It was at the main hall of the University of Havana.  A 40 year duration process and several steps followed by some “criollos”, against the Spanish authorities ended.  The institution was established in the old convent of San Agustin, in 460 Cuba Street after being in different places in Havana.

It is a Latin American news agency that began broadcasting on June 16, 1959. It is headquartered in Havana and has correspondents in different parts of the world. It emerged under the influence of the triumphant Cuban Revolution and one of its main promoters was Commander Ernesto Che Guevara. Among its essential objectives has been to divulge the reality of Latin America peoples, of Cuba in particular and of everything transcendental that may happen in the world. Its founding director was Argentinian journalist Jorge Ricardo Massetti, who in 1958 had been in the Sierra Maestra and interviewed Fidel Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara, respectively, during the revolutionary struggle in Cuba.

Alberto Julio Rayneri Alonso is known in the artistic world as Alberto Alonso. He was born in Havana on May 22nd, 1917. He was a brilliant dancer and choreographer and one of the founders of the current National Ballet of Cuba. He was considered the first professional classical dancer in Cuba.  He gave significant thoughts to what is called today as the Cuban style of ballet.. This is a mixture of the classical Russian style, modern west techniques and traditional Cuban elements. He died in United States on December 31st, 2007.