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publicado el 08/06/2021

Havana reports 449 of the 1 156 new COVID-19 positive cases confirmed in Cuba

Dr. Francisco Durán, national director of Epidemiology for the Ministry of Public Health, informed in a press conference that by the end of yesterday, June 7th, 1 156 cases were confirmed as positive to COVID-19, for a total 151 259.

To date, 1 033 deceased were reported (8 within the day), 1 031 patients were discharged (within the day), 6 034 were confirmed, of which 5 868 (97.2%) have a clinically stable course, and we arrive to 144 136 (95.3%) people medically and epidemiologically discharged. There are 53 patients in a critical state and 113 in a serious one.

Of those diagnosed, 449 belong to the capital, of which 443 are autochthonous and 6 are imported. The province reported 4 deceased, and 77 of the 116 active events on the country. Due to the increase in the case amount, the presence, dispersion, and rising tendency in all municipalities, the province will continue to be in the epidemiological phase know as Limited Local Transmission Stage, also having the highest incidence rate every 100 000 inhabitants of 327.6%, the highest in the country in the last 15 days. The amount of PCR tests done yesterday were 6 806, which represents the 30.2% of the total, and showed a positivity of 6.6%, which locates the province in the 4th position in the country.     

The most affected municipalities in the capital were: Marianao (48), Arroyo Naranjo and Boyeros (40 each), Centro Habana and La Lisa (39 each), Playa (36), Habana del Este and Guanabacoa (31 each), San Miguel del Padrón and Diez de Octubre (29 each), Plaza de la Revolución (23), Cotorro (13), and Regla (10).

Durán informed that 8 municipalities in Havana are among the 12 with the highest incidence rate in the country, with a 31.6 incidence rate due to COVID-19 in the last 15 days. These are: Regla, Marianao, Centro Habana, Habana Vieja, San Miguel del Padrón, Boyeros, Lisa, and Guanabacoa.

For the COVID-19, 22 511 samples were analyzed, and 1 156 were positive. The country has had a total of 4 506 965 samples analyzed, and 151 259 of these were positive (3.36%).

1 049 (90.7%) out of the total of confirmed cases were contacts of other confirmed ones, for a total of 143 257 (94.7%); 52 (4.5%) being infected abroad, for a total of 7 608 (5%), and 55 (4.7%) had an undefined source of infection.

This Monday’s autochthonous cases were a total 1 004, and 52 were imported. A total of 581, and 575 were male.

A total of 25 545 patients are kept under clinical and epidemiological surveillance, 4 129 are under suspicion, 15 382 are under surveillance, and 6 034 (3.9%) have been confirmed, of which 5 868 (97.2%) have a stable clinical course.

The 41.6% (481) of the 1 156 positive cases were asymptomatic, for a total of 73 032, which represents the 48.7% of the confirmed cases to date.  

The 1 156 diagnosed belong to the following age groups: 182 below the age of 20 years old; 329 between 20 and 39 years old; 384 between 40 and 59 years old, and 211 above 60 years old. 

COVID-19 fatality rate in Cuba, until June 6th, is 0.68% per one million inhabitants, lower than that of the whole world (2.15%) and the one of the American continent (2.61%).

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