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About Us? If you look for us in Habana 500, you will now know The Portal of the Government of Havana, a site with more detailed information on Havana's events.

The new Government of Havana Portal is conceived as a "central place" where information can be published and made available to a very diverse public.

Its usefulness is based on offering content (offering all types of content and information), commerce (commercialization of content, from the perspective of electronic commerce) and community (formation of virtual communities).

The Portal´s main objective is to  help citizens to exchange information, participate in  the Government  and obtain services and procedures  facilities. It has an "architecture" that dynamically manages: Sections, Categories and Publications that allow the management of:

  1. Information(contributes to general culture,provides access to reliable news, includes search engines, directories, services, among others)
  2. Participation ( makes apps,  formulating approaches, tracking complaints, entertainment venues, forums and others   available )
  3. Convenience (Providing easy access to as much information as possible from the same site)

The new Portal is conceived with the following characteristics: useful, ease of navigation, pleasant design or appearance, clear structure, updated, simple and credible information, quick download and few clicks.

It constitutes a collaborative space to be present when the user needs us and therefore look for us.

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