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publicado el 11/06/2021

Measures reinforced in Havana to confront COVID-19

   Based on the analysis carried out by the Temporary Working Group in Havana, the results of the visit of the Council of Ministers and the indications issued by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz at the meeting held on June 3, the fulfillment of the measures of the General Plan to confront COVID-19 were reevaluated and it was approved to reinforce a group of them.

   Among the main objectives are to prioritize the tasks that are fundamental to achieve a good assurance to the economy, to continue with the implementation of the Ordering Task and to strengthen the fundamental and basic services of the population with the minimum number of workers.

   In addition, the aim is to continue prioritizing food production, avoid high concentrations of people in all scenarios, achieve effectiveness in the protocols conceived in Public Health, evaluate all the measures that are necessary to implement to reduce mobility, as well as to rework and discuss the Confrontation Plan in each municipality adapted to the current circumstances.

    In connection with the Provincial Health Directorate, it was decided to carry out a daily survey in stratified risk areas (blocks with focus controls and vulnerable population), with health personnel, factors of the districts and non-formal leaders, to search for cases with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19.

   It was approved to work integrally on outbreak control actions and events by districts; to declare events in blocks with outbreak control, with 5 confirmed cases and their immediate closure with limitation of movement without exception for 10 days; and to organize and increase laboratory screening in stratified universes to search for asymptomatic cases, according to capacities.

      The measures include the prohibition of the movement of people and vehicles from 09.00 pm to 05.00 am the following day and in this sense, an analysis of the state vehicles that really require the authorization to circulate in the regulated schedule must be carried out.

The Havana Provincial Transportation Company and the inspectors of the General Directorate of Transportation shall be responsible for guaranteeing the limitation of the number of standing passengers in articulated buses to 30 persons and in rigid buses to 20 persons in urban transportation.

   All agencies and institutions will not be allowed to leave the province for work purposes and exceptional cases will be authorized by the corresponding authorities.

   Control actions will be strengthened at the entry and exit points of the city for strict compliance with the Protocol of Action, with the exception of cargo transportation and distribution of goods and others that fulfill special missions.

   Likewise, a provision will be implemented in the offices of Renta Car to establish that any person wishing to leave the province in rented cars must request permission, and each entity must analyze the reduction to a minimum of the mobility of vehicles during daytime hours, according to the essential task assigned.

   Remote work will continue to be encouraged in all activities and positions that by their nature allow it on a permanent or part-time basis and implement the control system to measure results.

 The centers that are not of continuous production or prioritized services will remain closed or with the minimum number of essential workers, and as for the areas of concentration where self-employed services are provided, those where it is possible to effectively apply the organizational measures that allow distancing will be maintained.

   It was approved to increase control actions on abusive and speculative prices, to carry out the sale of modules in the neighborhoods where the events are located, and to increase the home delivery service in the Family Assistance System, at no cost to the beneficiary.

The production of processing centers for the merchandise sales network and gastronomy will be increased, prioritizing the production of dough, shaped and sausages, and the operation of gastronomic units and extra-hotel services such as fondas with take-out and home-delivered meals will be boosted.

   In addition, the use of electronic commerce will be promoted, such as payment gateways in the units that provide services to the population, and sales will be maintained only to residents and personnel of the municipality where the establishment is located (the document that proves this will be the Identity Card).

     Several sales areas will also be set up in shopping malls, and all cash registers will be oriented to assimilate all types of products.

   With regard to those who make profit of queues to then sell products bought to others at higher prices,  it was decided to update the action model approved since its inception, placing more emphasis on the organization of the queue.

     Likewise, it will be sought to increase the effectiveness of the application of Decree 31/2021 in facts such as the non-use or incorrect use of  the mask; the non-existence of podalic steps, chlorinated or alcoholic water solutions in state entities, of services to the population, non-state forms as well as non-governmental associations; the permanence of people in areas of being and parks; the ingestion of alcoholic beverages in public places; the use of cultural and sport areas; the realization of exercises, games or stays in the public way; the realization of parties of any nature and other dispositions that the sanitary authorities regulate.

The prohibition of bathing on beaches and the use of social circles and state and private swimming pools for commercial purposes will be controlled.

   Drivers who are detected violating the schedule without authorization and do not have an objective justification will be taken to the stations of the National Revolutionary Police and their license plates and documentation will be withdrawn, regardless of the fine and the administrative measure.


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Teresa Tornes dijo:

Las medidas son buenas pero en el horario de la noche se debe patrullar ya que en Centro Habana hay fiesta y personas sentada en la calle y en el parque

11/06/2021 06:32 pm / RESPONDER

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